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Middle School Policies and Procedures

CAPISTRANO UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT Middle School Policies and Procedures

The Capistrano Unified School District (CUSD) is committed to providing a safe and orderly setting in which students enjoy a positive academic and social environment. Students who comply with basic discipline guidelines and work diligently on academics will reap a variety of rewards.

CUSD’s goal is to support each student in becoming a positive and responsible citizen. We know that students will work toward this goal by respecting the rights of others, respecting personal and school property, and by practicing socially acceptable behavior. The following rules and regulations are in effect on or near school grounds, off campus during school hours, at school-sponsored functions, during distance learning in the event of a campus closure, and while on the way to or from school or school-related activities. Administrators may find it necessary to add or subtract from the disciplinary policies described in this handbook to ensure progressive discipline and overall consistency and fairness. Unless otherwise noted, the discipline consequences apply for the entire current school year.

With your student, please review the CUSD Middle School Policies regarding:

  1. Student Intervention Plan

  2. Attendance/Tardy

  3. Student Dress/Grooming Standard

  4. Student Conduct

  5. Academic Integrity

  6. Vaping, Tobacco, Drugs, Alcohol, & all Controlled Substances

  7. Serious Suspendable/Expellable Offenses


To access the complete Middle School discipline policy please see access our district website.