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ELECTIVE CHOICES for 2019-2020

Availability will be based on school enrollment and staffing

ART Grade 7/8 Yearlong   Course #8233

Art is a course in the fundamentals of art, with experiences in drawing, painting, printmaking, advanced ceramic hand-building (whistles) slab-rolling (ceramic houses and boxes), candle making, mosaics, silk-screening, graphic design, mask-making, sculpture, pinch and coiled pots, and watercolor techniques. The students will gain an understanding of the basic Elements of Art and Principles of Design, which will be incorporated in a variety of projects. Students’ work will be entered in selected art contests and work may be displayed at venues throughout the state.

ART 3D Grade 7 Yearlong   Course #2993/Grade 8 Yearlong Course #2994

Art 3D is a course in the fundamentals of three-dimensional art, with an emphasis on a variety of sculpting techniques, including experiences in clay, wood-burning, and mosaics.  The students will develop their understanding of the basic Elements of Art and Principles of Design, which are incorporated in these projects.


ART ADVANCED  Grade 8  Yearlong  Course #4171                              Teacher Approval Required

Advanced Art is a course for continuing students in the fundamentals of art with experiences in drawing, painting, printmaking, advanced ceramics, stained glass, enameling, jewelry making, silk-screening, graphics, sculpture and watercolor. The students will develop a deeper understanding of the elements of art and principles of design, which will be incorporated into a variety of projects.                                    Ms. Dennison Room 104 

AVID Grade 7 Yearlong Course #5446/ Grade 8 Yearlong Course #5448   Application/Interview

The AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program at Niguel Hills is an elective yearlong class for hardworking students that want to go to college. AVID is offered to students who are motivated and are willing to work hard. AVID will offer strategies to become more successful in school, help with organization and study skills, and offer a club-like environment for students to receive the support they need to be prepared for the next level, high school.                                                                                        Mrs. Freeman Room P14

BAND Grade 7/8 Yearlong Course #9410 

These yearlong band classes continue to develop music skills. Both grades have 3-4 evening concerts per school year. Each group auditions to be able to perform at Disneyland. The 8th grade band also performs with the Dana Hills High School Marching Band at a football game and also performs with their concert band. Both grades can audition for CUSD Honor Bands. Join band for fun and friendships.

CHOIR Grade 7/8 Yearlong Course #8131

This yearlong choir class performs music of all styles including Broadway musicals, pop, jazz, holiday, patriotic, classical, multicultural, folk, and music of classic and contemporary composers. Students continue to develop music skills such as sight singing (note reading), vocal production, and ensemble singing including singing in unison, 2 and 3 parts. This is a performing class and attendance at 3 to 4 evening concerts is required. Students who participate in this class are eligible to try-out for CUSD District Honor Choir.


CAREER and TECHNOLOGY INVESTIGATION: Grade 7 Semester/Course #7022

This course allows students to investigate careers and innovative technology used in high-demand employment sectors. Students will spend time utilizing these exciting modules to complete projects and work based learning activities that incorporate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) concepts. Each module includes use of equipment such as 3D Printers, Robotic Arms, CNC machinery, Laser Engravers, etc. Students will also learn related software such as CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) CAM (Computer Aided Machining) and Solidworks, to name a few. This course will assist students in planning for college and career pathways throughout high school and college.

DRAMA Grade 7/8 Semester Course #6252

This class focuses on acting skills such as pantomime, voice, characterization, musical theater and technical theater careers. 



DRAMA ADVANCED Grade 8 Yearlong Course #3841                                 Teacher Approval Required

This is a play production class that focuses on the production process. We will learn advanced acting techniques through plays, monologues, children’s theater and technical theater. This class will produce two plays during the year.                                                                                                                                   Mrs. Erlinger Room 101

HOME ARTS Grade 7/8 Semester Course #1953

This segment of the Fine and Practical Arts program will acquaint students with the Food Lab while learning about nutrition, kitchen safety, table setting, and table mannerisms. Students will experience practical application to accurately follow and prepare recipes. Students learn to be self-sufficient and have fun while learning proper knife and serving skills and cooking and baking techniques.  

ORCHESTRA Grade 7/8 Yearlong Course  #8013

In this class, you will learn a skill in music that can lead to a life time of playing. You will learn to appreciate all styles of music. This skill may open up opportunities for you in high school and may help towards college acceptance and scholarship money. The Advanced Orchestra performs at many outside events that include festivals and Disneyland.

PEER TUTOR Grade 7/8 Semester/Yearlong Course #2962

Students interested in this elective must be a strong student with great study skills who enjoys helping others. The Peer Tutor will assist the teacher by preparing materials and tutoring students in the classroom.

SPANISH I Grade 8 Yearlong Course #1693

This class is the same as the Spanish 1 class in high school. This is a college preparatory class. Students will learn how to speak, write, read and understand basic Spanish, which is a prerequisite for Spanish 2 in high school. Cultural topics are intertwined with the language so as to allow students to have a more complete understanding of the people with whom they will converse.


THEATER ARTS Grade 7 Yearlong Course   #1772

This is a 7th grade production class. So, if you want to do a play for an audience outside of the classroom, this is the class for you! Students learn the introductory skills needed to perform and produce a play such as creating original works with an ensemble, appropriate audience and actor etiquette, staging, pantomime, playwriting, acting skills, and speech.  Students learn production jobs such as producer, design and stage manager, to name a few.  Unlike the semester classes, in this course students will apply their talent to the play production process by rehearsing and performing a play for an audience.


VIDEO PRODUCTION Grade 8 Yearlong Course #2352                            Teacher Approval Required

In this class, students will create The Morning Video Announcements as seen each day by the student body.  Students will also learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and create a personal T-shirt using Photoshop. Students will work on a variety of other video projects, be entered in video contests, create sound tracks, and much more. 

Mr. Schreiman Room P20




Elective choices are based on school enrollment and staffing