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Mission Statement



Niguel Hills Middle School

  An Overview Of Our Vision and Goals For Our Students  


We are a community cultivating academic growth, personal enrichment, and individual responsibility.


Focus on Critical Thinking

  • effective problem solving
  • independent and collaborate work
  • identify, assess, analyze, synthesize, create
  • articulate ideas clearly and effectively through oral, written, and artistic expression.

Focus on Responsible Citizens

  • be aware of ethical and more responsibilities
  • value diversity and individual differences
  • respect everyone
  • develop a positive attitude
  • use their time, energy, and talents to improve the quality of life for their school and community

Focus on Life Long Learning

  • set and achieve challenging goals
  • master the skills of reading, writing, and mathematics
  • develop personal accountability
  • use technology to access and utilize information
  • develop appreciation for health and fitness



Student Effort: The Key to Success and Achievement

Our Belief: The faculty of Niguel Hills Middle School strongly believe that we must work diligently with out students to teach them to use their minds well. We strongly believe that a student's success depends upon learned work habits and attitudes. These work habits and attitudes are commonly called EFFORT. Students demonstrate outstanding effort by developing the following critical work habits.




Bring Materials to Class Binder, pens, pencils, Binder Reminder, covered textbooks, P.E. clothes.
Using Time Effectively Being on time to class, understanding individual and group assignments
Participate Actively Preserve, listen, ask questions, problem solve, share ideas
Prepare for Class Complete homework, study, be ready to learn


Our Comment: Teachers will encourage students to develop these critical work habits and monitor progress. Every quarter, teachers will make recommendations for students who consistently demonstrate outstanding work habits and effort. Students who are recommended in at least five out of six classes will be named to the Effort Honor Role. Students who are able to sustain this effort will receive recognition at the end of the school year.


How Parents Can Help: Organization is a key to success.

One of the most difficult tasks many middle school children face is the ability to be organized. All students must use a three ring binder and our student agenda, the Reminder-Binder. Teachers will encourage students to write down daily and long range assignments in their Reminder Binder in order to plan and balance work. Parents can keep track of the work their students are doing by regularly reading through the Reminder Binder and discussing assignments with their children. Active parental support in helping students to develop good work habits will result in academic success and progress.



  • effective problem solving
  • independent and collaborate work
  • identify, assess, analyze, synthesize, create
  • read, listen, and respond effectively and critically
  • articulate ideas clearly and effectively through oral, written, and artistic expression


Effective learning requires that students develop good intellectual habits. Our faculty is committed to develop curricular, instructional, and assessment practices that infuse intellectual process throughout the curriculum.

Subject and Reasoning Process Students Will...
Humanities / Constructing Support Develop clearly stated positions supported by evidence they have gathered
Mathematics / Problem Develop and test methods or products for overcoming obstacles and constraints
Science / Experimental Inquiry Test hypotheses that have been generated to explain an observable event, fact, model or object
Exploratory, P.E., Electives / logical sequencing and creative implementation Identify logical sequencing in information or process; accurately describe their effects in the creative process.



  • be aware of ethical and moral responsibilities
  • value diversity and individual difference
  • respect everyone
  • develop a positive attitude
  • use time, energy, and talents to improve the quality of life for their school and community


How people in the school community behave to each other---in classrooms, halls, the office, and faculty lounge---sets a tone that has significant effects on what and how students learn.

As educators, we believe it is appropriate and important to foster and promote responsible citizenship and ethical values according the following model:



  • tells the truth even when it is difficult or inconvenient
  • completes his/her own work and never cheats
  • gives credit where credit is due
  • asks permission to use/touch another person's property


  • offers to help others when needed
  • actively demonstrates empathy for difficulties of others


  • risks making a mistake, socially or academically
  • demonstrates effort even when uncertain


  • takes initiative for the following through on assignments / commitments
  • cleans up after self without being asked
  • treats all materials and equipment with care


  • works well with fellow students and teachers
  • encourages fellow students toward success in positive ways
  • is tolerant of different opinions and viewpoints


  • sticks with tasks even when they are difficult or tedious
  • asks questions when unclear about directions or expectations


  • speaks appropriately to others
  • allows others to finish speaking
  • is respectful of others' differences
  • follows school rules

Civic Duty

  • follows rules of conduct and dress in the classroom and on campus
  • participates in school activities
  • sets an example of good behavior and takes an active part in he classroom, campus, and community improvements