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How to Support Second Step at Home

For more information on Second Step please go to the site and enter the activation key:


Activation Keys


6th grade:  SSP6 FAMI LY 12

7th grade:  SSP7 FAMI LY 23

8th grade:  SSP8 FAMI LY 34

Second Step

What is Second Step?

Second Step is a Social Emotional Learning program provided to all students at Niguel Hills Middle School by the School Counselor Ms. Avakian. Ms. Avakian will be in classrooms during the school year to provide lessons on on the skills and attitudes that increase students' success in school. Middle schoolers are better prepared to navigate adolescence with communication, coping and decision-making skills that help them make good choices and avoid pitfalls such as peer pressure, substance abuse and bullying. 


This year topics include:


6th grade:  Intro to Counselor; Organization; Working in Groups; Bystander Power; Emotions, Brains & Body; Calming Strategies. 

7th grade:  Study Skills; Signs of Suicide; Bystander Power; Coping with Stress; Cyberbullying; Sexual Harassment.

8th grade:   De-Escalating a Tense Situation; Labels, Stereotypes & Prejudice; Bystander Power; Coping with Stress; Transitioning to High School; Career Awareness Lesson.





Second Step
Staying in Control
Coping with Stress
Action Steps
Bystander Power