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Staff Directory

Name Title Email
Aldaco, Danelle Special Education Teacher
Amon, Todd Assistant Principal
Avakian, Lori Counselor
Bailey-Hoerle, Colleen Para Educator III
Bailey, April Math Teacher
Bellavia, Kelsey Special Education Teacher
Benson, Eric Physical Education Teacher
Boland, Alissa Para Educator II
Bonfadini, Thomas Campus Supervisor
Brady, Lupe Clerk/Receptionist
Brown, Rocky Physical Education Teacher
Carter, Debra Para Educator II
Cashin, Barbara Para Educator II
Castle, John Social Science Teacher
Catsouras, Catherine Para Educator III
Clark, Vern Health Technician
Clothier, Chad Special Education Teacher
Crowell, David Para Educator IV
Cullum, Gaby Special Education Teacher
Denison, Amanda Art Teacher
Elgin, Karen Academic Advisor A-L

El-Sokkary, Shannon Science Teacher
Erlinger, Alicia Drama Teacher
Fallman, Katie Social Science Teacher
Farrier, Amy Special Education Teacher
Fragassi, Joe Social Science Teacher
Freeman, Denene English Teacher
Gaspar, Marguerite Science Teacher
Gregory, Michelle Para Educator III
Hambrick, Julie Para Educator II
Hamilton, Marcy Science Teacher
Hippolite, Nancy Para Educator II
Jiminez, Alexis Para Educator IV
Jones, Jeff Principal
Juarez, Anissa Special Education Teacher
Juarez, Thomas Librarian
Kashima, Mike Social Science Teacher
Kerber, Danielle Psychologist
King, Courtney Para Educator III
Kirkpatrick, Mary Para Educator II
Labella, Karen Para Educator III
Lagunas, Martha Para Educator III
Lassiter, Adriana Campus Supervisor
Lindberg, Erica Social Science Teacher
Locke, Laura Special Education Teacher
Loftis, Jennifer Math Teacher
Lohman, Shawn English Teacher
Lovett, Tessa Physical Education Teacher
Lynch, Kim Science Teacher
Maitino, Kimberly Campus Supervisor
Marr, Terry Attendance/AP Secretary
Mayo, Danette Para Educator III
McCullough, Stephen Science Teacher
Minty, Tricia Speech Pathologist
Mitchell, Alex Para Educator III
Neypes, Janine Office Manager
Olsen, Marlene Physical Education Teacher
Pagel, Velda Math Teacher
Patterson, Susie Math Teacher
Pennington, Matt Campus Supervisor
Petean, Joshua Campus Supervisor
Peterson, Susan Social Science Teacher
Piccione, Jeanne Para Educator III
Popperwell, Chris Band/Orchestra Teacher
Reed, Lisa Para Educator IV
Reslan, Khadijeh Campus Supervisor
Rodriguez- Vega, Jeanette Bilingual Community Liaison
Rodriguez, Karla Registrar
Roostee, Bernadine Para Educator IV
Schrieman, Mike Computer/Video Production Teacher
Scordalakes, Erin Para Educator II
Shores, Ann Academic Advisor M-Z
Smith, Tad Assistant Principal
Sobrero, Sara English Teacher
Steele, Spenser Para Educator IV
Steidle, Gwynne Math Teacher and ASB Advisor
Strampello, Renee Para Educator IV
Strom, Brittany Special Education Teacher
Sweeney, Juliana English Teacher
Tucker, Candice Social Science Teacher
Van Ginkel, Colleen English Teacher
Willis, Arlett Para Educator IV
Wright, Rachel Choir Teacher
Young, Kellie Math Teacher
Zamarripa, Lorena Para Educator IV